Guess What Parent/s!? 

Finally a local Life Skills Class for our tweens and teens that is relatable, engaging and creative! 

We have started this Terms classes however, if you are interested in the next round ... let us know! They are being held at Gather Store, Currumbin on Tuesday afternoons from 4 pm-5 pm. 

For more information- read below!


Eddie is a ray of sunshine! She was a delight to work with, and her passion and enthusiasm is evident in all she does. Her colourful Chatterbox workshop was perfect for our Year 7 girls as a playful alternative way to engage with the senses and encourage mindfulness. Eddie’s kind and genuine nature helped her build an instant rapport with students (even over Zoom). The activity was versatile and accessible for all students as a way to think about the way they engage with their world, as well as encourage time away from digital devices, all while inspiring the student’s to embrace creativity their imagination.

- Jody Papandrea - Kincoppal Rose Bay, Sydney

The aim of this 8-week program is to equip your tween or teen with a range of life skills and healthy habits that lead to a better quality of life!

This is a hands-on and creative program. Each week is a stepping stone for a more successful and happy life! 

These are Life Skills Classes like no other as they work on developing positive strategies and routines for modern-day tweens and teenagers... because let’s face it, being a young person in 2021 can be pretty overwhelming at times. 


The classes are sold as an 8-week program package as each week is a stepping stone for a more motivated, confident and positive mindset. 

"We are passionate about helping young people find their passion, purpose and drive! We do this by helping them take responsibility for their life by teaching them how to integrate motivational habits and positive mindset strategies. We believe that the key to a happy and successful life is to find the right daily routines and tools that motivate you to be the best version of yourself, every day!”

Starting date: Tuesday, October 19th 2021 4 pm-5 pm

Finishing date: Tuesday, December 7th 2021 4 pm-5 pm

Over the 8 weeks we focus on the following: 

Week 1: 19/10/2021 Creating a morning routine and taking time for gratitude: 

Starting the day off the right way to set yourself up for success 

  •  Creating a positive and motivating morning routine and sticking with it!

  • Using gratitude to be a happier person!

Week 2: 26/10/2021 Core Values and self-confidence:

Embracing what matters to you and knowing who you are and who you are not

  • Embracing your unique qualities and loving who you are :) + cleaning out your systems (room and social media) from head to toe




Tailored School Workshops

Our school workshops are suitable for both male and female high school students. We also have a program that is suitable for Year 6 students. This is a really great program to set students up for success whether they are going into high school or currently in high school. 

If you would like to have us in your school, please register your interest ! 

You can download an outline of our School Program here

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