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Using Excitement to Fuel Momentum

My godfather always said to me, “every day you need to have something that challenges you, someone to love and something to look forward to.”

In 5 weeks, Drew and I are heading over to LA BABY to see his family. I am beyond excited. The kind of excitement that gives you a little spring in your step and a whistle in your song (so ... the annoying kind of happy). Not only has this given me an overload of drive, every day I wake up looking forward to our holiday and therefore, the day ahead.

This type of daily excitement is being used on a much larger scale and I promise you that I am not trying to rub my holiday in your face. The real lesson here is, if we can take this approach and use it on a much smaller scale by factoring in daily novelties, we can begin each day with excitement for whatever is in the near future.

Small excitements can consist of things such as going out to dinner with friends that night, taco night, booking a craft class, weekly yoga class, having a housemate movie night or booking a… holiday.

You know those days where work is a constant struggle, anything will make you snappy and you are waking up each day to get to the finish line and then feel totally bored that you have to do it all over again ... tomorrow. You are likely feeling burnt out, exhausted and in need of a break.

Often, we can take one or two days off but within 3 days we are back to the same feeling. What you probably need is a driving force to help you get through this last slump of the year. This feeling usually happens around October/ November because while we are almost there, we still have a million things to do in a short space of time - that feels never-ending. Book a holiday to push you through and give you a burst of momentum!

You know what they say … work hard – play hard and now it suddenly all makes sense.


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