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Rainbow Eyes

When you see a rainbow, what feeling does it give you? ... and I know we aren't too old for them because, the gram these days - has just as much rainbow posts as 'bring back summer kini pics'.

Despite colour wheels suggesting the colour psychology behind different colours, every colour gives someone a slightly different sensation. We hold memories and emotions to colour and that's a colourful thing. Slash - how boring to tell someone that red is supposed to make you feel cautious or passionate. Red don't do that for me #hunny.

Lately, I have been fascinated by this concept ... feeding the eyes. More so ... feeding the senses. More so... feeding the soul. (okay - stop.).

There is a reason, I choose colour --- 95% of the time in my life. It puts a smile on my dial.

Colour is a natural sensation that brings about energy and inside feelings to us, from the use of our incredible eyes. However, we can also feel colour through warmth and coolness and if you're crazy like me, colour has a sound, an inside sense, an external warmth or a prickly touch.

Even when you look back in history, colours change throughout time to represent the social - frame of mind and disposition. Colour matters.

I taught in a Steiner School for 6 weeks. From the moment I walked in, I felt my eyes widen, my chest became floaty and I didn't have much to say, but so much too feel (without sounding dramatic). This school was - like nothing I had ever been in before. For a girl who consistently had to die down the colour and eccentricity to become, more socially accepted as a 'teacher', I finally felt like I had found my species.

I made great friends with the groundskeeper, although that's a pretty old school title to give the lady. She was the gardener, I suppose... however, being the gardener in a Steiner School is more like running a small National Park.

There were sunflowers outside my classroom, garden beds with edible flowers (kind spicy), trees #lyk everywhere (I love trees.), AND - with rainbow crochet scarves on them. I felt like I had just left '1984' by George Orwell and entered 'Green Eggs and Ham' by Dr. Suess.

But! I hadn't even arrived in the classroom yet!

I walked into a room with an abundance of colour, energy and smiling faces. Honestly, I must have looked like a crazy person because, for the first week, I was walking around with possum eyes.

They use limited resources as everything they use should serve a purpose and be crafted with love and endeavour. From their rainbow, felted pencil cases, to their crochet recorder bags, I was inlove and meanwhile me: "I love your bag, like, where did you get that?".

I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but I knew these kids were different. I didn't want to just sum it up as being happier, or more accepting or to put it straight - cool. These kids were the cool kids, alright. So cool that often I would choose to eat my lunch with them rather, than going to the staff room.

I realised the most important quality was the look in the child's eye. It was sparkling.

Often when I'm in schools, the children have been rushed through their childhood and obtain this 'grey', mundane look, where I regularly catch them staring into a grayscale dimension.

If you talk to a child, like a 3 to 4 year old, everything is exciting! Everyday and every moment is like, eating a croissant under that Eifal Tower for the first time. Their eyes match what they are feeling.

I want you to hold out your arm. Compliment it - it's a cute arm. Now, childhood is the length of your palm (your fingers are your roots), and adulthood #baby is the rest of it. So when we minimise that palm spand and turn it into a knuckle, of course we are going to drift off into grey. What a horrible thing - rushing childhood - although I'm still in it so, don't stress.

Steiner believes, that we as human beings have more than 5 senses (sight, smell, hear, touch and taste). Regardless of what these senses are (because - if your interested - look it up sista- I don't have all day/ there are 12). Basically, the sensory overload of modern life can leave us feeling empty, grey and even thirsty for more stimulation. So, it is important to feed your senses with quality fuel and emotions. This is your power source that connects to your inner being. You want these senses to enrich you and this is what essentially makes you feel like 4 year old in Paris or Ursula off the Little Mermaid. Don't deprive your senses - feed them.

How to Feed your Senses:

- Make up your own colour wheel

- Feel colour (first day at school: "We have a rule for teachers and students, you are not allowed to wear black" - me: possum eyes)

- Go for bush walks, garden walks, smell the trees - taste the trees (apparently)

- Take your shoes off and feel the earth under you - did you know - you pick up a lot of nutrients from the ground that are difficult to get anywhere else

- Hold hands - feel that palm sweat - be that palm sweat

- Wear colour for yourself and those around you

- Go outside - leave the house

- Go on adventures

- Have paintings in your home or bedroom

- Wash your sheets

- Surround yourself with people that make you feel good

- Get rid of the ones that don't (flick em - like a crusty - useless booga - and don't try to find it)

- Keep your room clean, tidy and dust free

- Eat good food - not food that's makes you feel like a bubble

- But also enjoy chocolate

- Feed someone else's senses


- Swim - run - walk - jump - skip -


- Smell a vintage dress

- Soak in a bath

- Walk to the fruit shop

- Play music in the morning

- Try new music

- Stretch and do yoga

- Go to the art gallery

- There is no public rule for Ugg Boots

- Put flowers in your room

These are just a few - but when you find a sense that tickles your fancy and gives you that 'Nina Simone- Feeling Good' feeling - hold onto it and never let it go!

- Play Nina Simone - 'Feeling Good' and dance naked

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