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Seeing the world through the eyes of a child

I look at when I was a kidly wink --- and life was GO-GO-GO! I mean, if you have spent over 3 hours with a kid, you will know --- it's exhausting, hectic and there is absolutely no chill. Our adult lives can be similar to this, just on a different, less exciting scale.

Different activities, different worry's, different drama's. At the time, just like now, somebody older, wiser and degrading, will always give you the groundbreaking advise of, 'this won't matter in 5 years time'. You would almost roll your eyes, because at that point in time... it DID matter that you weren't invited to Francesca's fairy party! and it DID matter that you didn't get the OP. you had studied your ass off for the last year and a half. It's only natural to worry and care over the things that are first-hand affecting you at that point in time- so of course you pay close attention to it.

However, as a kidly wink- I can never remember myself getting stressed?

I suppose because, your deadlines as a child were, getting the Monday, maths column of homework done for the afternoon so that you could PLAY in the cubby house making 'soup' out of apple and rice crackers- until dinner time. Then, the next deadline would be to eat all of your broccoli before receiving a treat out of the treatie jar (which was a single gummy bear btw --- and was possibly the most exciting, rewarding experience centred in the kitchen).

The most amazing thing about children, is that they are constantly living in the present.

Pancakes for breakfast? --- "thanks mum - you're the best!!!!"

--- No second thought of -- oh I need to be healthy today? Are they gluten free?

Want to go trick or treating with the kids down the road this afternoon? --- quickly races to the dress up box with absolutely no hesitation.

--- No planning, no anxiety about whether you know the kids from down the road well enough or whether they will like your costume --- because, of course they will - your costume is obviously the best.

Everything is spontaneous and done with limited thought. Not because you are so in touch with your gut feelings and emotions, but, because you don't even have to deal with that sensitivity yet, because, why would you ever say no to pancakes and trick or treating!

As we get older we begin to start saying no to things. We start to overthink the situation, the people, our mood, our money, what we have to get done the next day, whether we will make it to the gym not, who is going to be there, who isn't going to be there, this-that-this? So, at the end of the day/ decision, we would rather sit on the couch by ourselves smashing chocolate ice-cream and watching the bachelor.

When I look back on the things I have said no to --- am I on my death bed regretting them -- no --- slash - am I even on my death bed? (no).

However, I do notice once I begin saying yes to things, life seems to fall into place. How are things and moments ever going to happen if we keep living like an adult - comfortable, fixed, overwhelmed and only living for the weekend.

Once you begin saying yes, you not only immerse yourself in new situations, new comfort zones and new circles of friends, --- however, you begin to really be taking life for what it is. A bloody theme park!

Would you go to a theme park and continue to ride on the same rollercoaster? Or --- would you rather try the White Water Rapids, the Tower of Terror, the bumper cars and the Wild West Falls?

It's so easy to stay comfortable, because we aren't kids anymore - we aren't as curious, we have our friends, our favourite coffee shop, our Friday night pizza on the couch and our Saturday beers with the boys.

But -- once we begin saying yes to a random date on a Thursday night with a stranger you can't remember the name or face of, or stopping and chatting to the random old man at the gym, despite wanting to get the hell out of there, the minute your class ends, life becomes exciting and lively.

Try looking at things through the eyes of a child! There is more magic in the world, through their eyes, because there are far more wonders in the world than just 7.

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