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Always - GO out of your way to talk to people --- who look uncomfortable.

You often hear, "as you get older, the less friends you have". The reason behind this, is due to your maturing ability to fork out... essentially // the duds. ---- (The crusty, flakey boogas that nobody needs clogging up their nostril because, after sometime, they start to impact the way you breathe). You flick em, wait for them to fall out naturally or you wrap them up gently in a tissue and throw them away --- (depends - what approach you like to take), (personally- I'm a flickah).

But as I thought about it more. I did have to wonder ... Moving interstate for 2 and a half years and overseas for half a year, this whole falling out naturally thing --- happens at it's finest. You realise the ones you genuinely miss, love and care about and the ones who really care about you (#deep).

However, I don't know about this whole idea of --- "the rest of them are just wasting your time". I suppose in the business world, time-wasters --- really don't do much but LITERALLY, waste time, money and deadlines. However in the life-world, our time is co-dependent on the people we share it with whether, they have a positive or negative emotional impact on us.

I know my dad would completely disagree with this comment, because he has always said to me, "you hang out with loosers, you become a looser". and ...yes, quality people = quality conversation, substance, new knowledge and probably a far more enticing point of view. However, you can't escape the 'loosers' in life, nor do I believe in going out of your way too.

This is not to say that I sit there judging everybody and playing, 'duck, duck, looser --with every individual that walks through the door: no.

What I mean is, nobody is fully established, everybody has a purpose; maybe, they just haven't found it yet? I don't like this life approach: it's all about me and I won't waste my time with looser people. Because, essentially a looser is just a person stuck in a rut. How about: this person is a looser, let me help them to --- not be a looser? Then again; maybe you think I'm a looser... so help me?

If we fall into this trap that less friends is better than more friends (sounds ironic/ I know), or that we have established all of our friendships --- we start to become, almost too arrogant to make new ones. I mean, whilst you are overseas or interstate missing your friends back home, you are immersing yourself in new friendships. Maybe, your weird emotions are making you act in a particularly 'douche' way; and guess what; now --- you're the looser?

When you are feeling a little out of your natural habitat, don't understand the personal jokes being tossed around the table; you count on those whom have been in your position before to not be arrogant and --- assist the alien. Always go out of your way to talk to people who look uncomfortable.


On a larger more external scale, we can compare homeless strangers on the streets.

Everyone has this walk about them; it's like they're on the catwalk --- head up --- no eye-contact and whatever you do; don't look vulnerable. But ---what we forget is the fact that no shelter is just the beginning of what these individuals have lost. The stereotype that these strangers are drug-infested lunatics, yes -- keeps us safe, however, also creates a shameful divide that completely goes against what it is to be human. The least we can do is --- smile and chuck in a, "good morning/afternoon", to brighten their day and make them feel less like the lepers on the streets.

If I were homeless, not that I could relate to the situation in any way shape or form, I imagine the hardest part would be having no social interaction, form of human contact or the exclusion and look of disgust from those whom are supposed to be my 'neighbours'. --- (#jesustalk) (essentially -Maslow's hierarchy of needs).


Give everyone a chance, because, maybe one day, you'll be the one counting on it.

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