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Life Coaching

"We believe that the key to a happy and successful life is to find the right daily routines that motivate you to be the best version of yourself.”

 - Eddie Tyquin, Director of Looking for Ladybird


First of all ... what is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is someone who helps another individual move forward and achieve their goals. They create a space that is positive, encouraging and motivating. When somebody requires personal assistance and mentoring to create positive changes within their life, they would see a life coach. A life coach takes action in the sense that, whilst it is important to address/ release blockages, traumas and unhealthy habits, it is vital that the client is left with a new solution, plan and step-by-step process of what to do next.  The purpose of a life coach is to create a better quality of life for the client, thus the client’s own participation and input, in and out of the sessions is a key contributing factor towards their success. 






How does it work?

We meet once or twice a week either online or in person.

The program is best as a 12- week program, however, can be extended or shortened!

In our sessions, we focus on developing powerful and motivating routines that help set you up for a happy, passionate and successful life. We offer a free online session to see whether coaching is the right fit for you! To book a free coaching session, send us an email at 

We coach adults, parents, young adults, tweens, tweens and children ... so everyone! We have had experience coaching all of these age groups both male and female. 

We are so passionate about helping and guiding people in the right direction. Our sessions are a safe, confidential and uplifting space that will leave you with positive habits and processes to move forward on your journey. 

Why choose Eddie as your Life Coach?

Eddie's coaching style is holistic, relatable and inspiring. Not only is she a qualified life coach, youth mentor and primary school teacher but she has had her own experience in dealing with mental illnesses, insecurities and not feeling good enough. This first-hand experience allows her clients to feel understood and heard. Most importantly she had a wide bank of knowledge and passion that allows her to move her clients forward and out of their 'rut' / dark place.  A life coach is different to a therapist as a coach addresses the blockages in your life but moves you onwards and upwards with an actionable plan.  Eddie has coached parents, adults, teens, tweens and kids of all ages!

You will leave with the following:


- A better understanding of who you are

- A more positive outlook on life

- A growth-mindset

- The tools to live the life you want!

- Eagerness to challenge yourself

- Passion around your career 

- An energetic and motivated approach to each day

- A strong sense of will and purpose

- A range of powerful daily routines that you can integrate into your life straight away

- The mindset and passion to take responsibility for your life!

About the program: 

Not only is the program fully backed by scientific research, but the 12-week program takes you through all the steps Eddie took herself when she was struggling mentally. She is passionate about her 'happiness formula' and wants to guide others through a positive life transformation.

First free session: discussing what is currently blocking you from living your best life. 

Example topics include:

1. Core Values

2. Morning Routine

3. Exercise

4. Nutrition

5. Gratitude

6. Mindset

7. Breathe-work, digestion and yoga

8. Rest and sleep

9. Mindfulness and stress

10. Being assertive and relationships

11. Nature and engaging your senses

12. Challenging yourself, passion and purpose

A life investment is the best kind of investment!

To start your 12-week transformation, book a meet and greet or contact Eddie with any further questions. 



Eddie is an amazing coach, guiding us every step during the course. Every week going to her lessons, her energy would lift mine. She is not only fun, but also kind and caring. I wish everyone had someone to guide them through the challenges of high school.” 
Abby Giggins- Year 10 -Life Coaching Student  2021







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