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Meet Edwina

Lookingforladybird was created by Eddie Tyquin in 2017. Eddie is a primary school teacher, holistic life coach and a trained youth mentor. She is passionate about helping others get the most out of their life by integrating positive and motivating habits. Eddie has a core focus on neuroscience and how we can retrain our brain to be positive. Self-worth, wellness, motivation, quality presentation and professionalism are the core values behind Looking for Ladybird.


School Programs

School programs that are tailor- made with a focus on confidence, wellness, motivation, leadership and resilience.


Community workshops that help people of a variety of ages with confidence, motivation, healthy habits, charisma and working towards their goals.


Personalised coaching sessions for individuals. We aim to build strength, motivation, confidence and give individuals the tools to lead a happy and healthy life. 


We like to connect with our community through articles and videos that are regularly posted on our Instagram, in Haven Magazine and Facebook.

Our Story

Lookingforladybird was established as a blog in 2017. The blog began with Eddie becoming frustrated with mental health platforms being unrelatable and unrealistic.  As someone who was struggling with their own mental health at the time, Eddie set out on a journey to find pure happiness. She wrote her teachings in the format of a blog to help others along the way. Along her journey, she began testing out new habits and realised that her mental illnesses were curable. Eddie was able to rewire her negative brain and integrate motivating habits into her life. It was then that she explored true happiness and self-acceptance. 


The ladybird represents true, inner happiness. Eddie always wanted her platform to be honest, relatable and connect with people in a compassionate way. In 2021, Eddie decided to turn Looking for Ladybird into a wellness and motivational program to guide others through life coaching, workshops and school programs. 

Her experience in school settings and classrooms has made her very aware of the need for these programs and workshops in schools and in the community. As someone with extensive passion and knowledge about mental health, Eddie feels it is her duty of care to educate young people about their brains and how to install positive routines that will help them be the best version of themselves.


This is something she wishes she was taught throughout different obstacles in her life. The programs are designed in a creative way and each person will leave with a multitude of knowledge, rituals and tools to help set themselves up for success. 

Eddie works with children, adolescents, young adults and adults. In her first 4 months of business, Eddie has run 2 in-person workshops, a 7 week paired life-coaching program, 2 lots of after school life-skills classes for older teens and younger tweens, coached 5 individuals, become a monthly columnist for Haven magazine, taught an online zoom class to Kincopal Rose-Bay, Sydney students, taught two online classes with the Shinefromwithin academy, taught an online class to Internationally to a group of Nigerian girls and ran a business workshop for employees at Bella Brows, Brisbane. Eddie is on a mission to reach as many individuals as possible and make a real impact on the mental health of Australians. 

"Eddie is a bright spark who will motivate, inspire and bring joy to your audience, whether they are teens, tweens or adults. I've been lucky enough to see how she facilitates space in an online class with our teens in the Online Academy and watched her cheer on and nurture participants at a teen camp. She's professional, dedicated, supportive and thoughtful - don't hesitate to book her or book in with her!"


Amanda Rootsey, Founder - Shine From Within 

Eddie is a ray of sunshine! She was a delight to work with, and her passion and enthusiasm is evident in all she does. Her colourful Chatterbox workshop was perfect for our Year 7 girls as a playful alternative way to engage with the senses and encourage mindfulness. Eddie’s kind and genuine nature helped her build an instant rapport with students (even over Zoom). The activity was versatile and accessible for all students as a way to think about the way they engage with their world, as well as encourage time away from digital devices, all while inspiring the student’s to embrace creativity their imagination.


Jody Papandrea - Kincoppal Rose Bay, Sydney


Eddie's Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Early Childhood and 
    Primary Education

  • Holistic Life-Coach (Mindbodyfoodinstitute)

  • Certified Youth Mentor (Shinefromwithinacademy)

  • Current Blue Card Hold

  • Certificate in Steiner Education Masterclass

  • First Aid and Anaphylaxis


In the Media

Nine Lives Bazaar:


Welcome to the technicolour world of Edwina. She's a vintage lover and collector, living on the sunny Gold Coast in her beachside rainbow abode. Inspiring the youth as a mentor and role model, with a passion for brightening the world through helping others create healthy habits and positive routines with her mental health platform - Looking for Ladybird. Eddie is sunshine in human form with a smile that's contagious. We get to know the woman that's shining a light on mental health in her own unique rainbow style

Screen Shot 2021-07-31 at 9.51.07 am.png



No one knows positivity quite like Eddie Tyquin. A lover of all things bright and colourful, both in her wardrobe and life in general, Eddie sees the world through rainbow-coloured glasses – but this hasn’t always been the case.

“As a teenager, I really struggled with self-acceptance,” says Eddie. “I so badly wished that someone could just teach me how to embrace who I was and give me the tools to navigate those tough high school years.”

Our Youth Mentor Programs & Workshops

At Looking for Ladybird we aim to provide people with motivational routines and tools that support a happy, healthy and self-confident life. We believe that for one to be successful, they must first have a strong understanding of who they are as a person. At our Looking for Ladybird youth workshops and programs we help young people to celebrate and appreciate themselves in a powerful, uplifting and trusting environment. Students will leave with a fully established morning routine, set of goals, set of core values, healthy habits, knowledge on success and failure, their developing brain, organisation and time-management skills, leadership skills and positive relationships.


At 25, Eddie is young enough to connect, inspire and energise young people but wise enough to lead them in the right direction. If you are interested in our workshops, life-skills classes or one-on-one coaching sessions, send us a message ( 

Eddie has a mission to spread happiness, motivation and positive life skills across the nation. She believes that teaching people how to care, love and look after themselves is just as important as academics, sport and creativity (if not, more). She does this in an honest, creative and personalised way.


The programs aim to leave young people with a better appreciation of themselves, a more motivated and growth mindset, the ability to tackle challenges and setbacks, a better understanding of themselves and others, more positive relationships and a variety of daily routines and rituals that they can install into their own lives straight away. 

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